Can Visiting a Waiting Room Make You Sicker? Have a Safer Visit with

Have you visited a waiting room and wondered if it was a good idea?  Yes, you need to see the doctor, but now you’re in a room full of sick people.  It’s certain that some will be coughing and sneezing especially with illnesses like covid, RSV, and colds and flu so commonplace. You aren’t wrong to question how smart it is to be there.  During the pandemic, we learned that being inside with other sick people was the most dangerous place to be.  Being crammed into a room with people with all sorts of sicknesses is a concern for everyone, but especially those who are most vulnerable and those who come in contact with the most vulnerable every day.  The elderly, the very young, the immuno-compromised and those who live and work with these people need to be extra careful.  There has to be a smarter way. 

The answer can be found in virtual healthcare. By visiting a doctor via Telemedicine, you not only skip the waiting room but also minimize the risks associated with close contact in confined spaces, ensuring a safer and healthier experience. With, the need to visit a waiting room becomes a thing of the past.

 Avoid the germs:  Times of social distancing are over and chairs are once again placed right next to each other.  Who sat in the very chair where you will be sitting right before you?  Have the chairs and tables been sanitized correctly? Even the examination room could have the potential to harbor germs.

Avoid the people: Even the doctors and nurses you would have to see in a traditional setting could be silent carriers.  You don’t know who they’ve seen before you.  You can get immediate access to care without exposing yourself to the hazards of a waiting room, examination room or staff.

Stay comfortable: And who wants to be seen in public when you’re feeling your worst?  Virtual appointments allow you to stay comfy in your pajamas.  No need to even brush your hair!

Complete anonymity: If you don’t want other people to see you with that rash, you probably don’t want them listening to how you got it either. lets you have a completely private conversation with your health care professional.

Beat traffic: Since treats you right at home, there is no shoveling driveways, catching crowded buses, or fighting traffic.  Save the aggravation and the gas!

Beat the wait:  Telemedicine .com brings the convenience of virtual consultations that provide personalized care on your schedule.  Get the flexibility and ease of accessing healthcare on your timeline.

With’s ability to see a doctor online, you can connect with healthcare professionals in real-time from the safety of your own space.  And offers are a wide range of conditions that can be treated online, so whatever your problem, there’s no need to look further.  Doctor visits via Telemedicine are a convenient and healthier way to get treated. Make an informed decision about your health.   Steer clear of waiting room risks.  Sign up today to skip the waiting room for your next doctor visit.