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Over the past two decades, Dan has developed hundreds of Telemedicine programs worldwide including; the Brazilian Amazon, China, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea, and the United States. In addition, he has trained over 800 clinicians and taught courses for the Veterans Administration (VA) and the American Telemedicine Association (ATA). Mr Kurywchak is an internationally recognized speaker in the field of Telemedicine.

Prior to founding Telemedicine.com, Mr. Kurywchak worked for the University of CA, Davis for 17 years. Mr. Kurywchak was fortunate enough to work directly under two of the nation’s top pioneers of Telemedicine: Dr. Thomas Nesbitt and Jana Katz-Bell. Dan quickly escalated his UC Davis career in Telemedicine into the positions of Director of Technology in Telemedicine and the Director of the Telemedicine Learning Center in which he played an instrumental role in developing the curriculum and the innovative classroom design.

During his tenure at UC Davis, the Telemedicine program saw over 11,000 patients in 35 specialties via Telemedicine and developed 50+ Telemedicine projects ranging from pediatric intensive care units, robotic surgery operating rooms, as well as jail, prison and parole board systems. The UC Davis Telemedicine program was voted in the top 10 Telemedicine programs for four consecutive years and also won the prestigious President’s Award from the American Telemedicine Association.

Mr. Kurywchak holds two patents in the field of Telemedicine and technical certifications in networking. He is also a certified engineer for Tandberg and Polycom video conferencing systems.

In 2005, Dan joined the Intel Corporation to help expand the field of Telemedicine globally. In his new Senior Engineering & Management role, he was responsible for Telemedicine operations worldwide. He also implemented engineering projects to demonstrate how modern technologies can improve the advancement of healthcare using research and development in the lab.

Simultaneously, Mr. Kurywchak began working with the Intel Corporation’s “World Ahead Program” created by the Chairman of the Board, Craig Barrett. The World Ahead Program has dedicated one billion dollars to the advancement of education and healthcare around the world. Mr. Kurywchak developed Telemedicine programs worldwide to include Brazil (Amazon), Nigeria, China and Lebanon.

Our Founder & CEO Daniel Kurywchak

Meet Our Founder & CEO

Daniel Kurywchak, CEO

Eric Bacon, President

Meet Our President

Eric Alan Bacon, President

Eric is a globally recognized leader in the telemedicine space. Eric has a dedication and passion for increasing access to quality healthcare for the world’s most underserved and remote populations. He has strived to effectuate change by embracing and using innovative technologies. For the past two decades, he has spent the better part of his career designing new telemedicine solutions and software. These solutions have been deployed in over fifty countries and used in millions of consultations making a tangible impact on healthcare accessibility for underserved and remote populations worldwide. Eric’s current and past roles as President and CEO of globally recognized telemedicine companies has allowed him to play a vital role in the digital transformation of the healthcare industry at a country level.   
Through Eric’s international experience, he was a pivotal figure in the design and implementation of some of the world’s largest virtual care programs.  This involvement in so many diverse programs has exposed him to a wide range of challenges.  These challenges vary wildly from geographical limitations, connectivity issues, education, clinical regulations, and reimbursement policies to name a few.  Through this experience he has a unique ability to lead a team in developing and deploying solutions that address and overcome these challenges.
Eric has an extensive background in financial reporting, international manufacturing, and regulatory affairs. Preceding his current role as President of Telemedicine.com. Eric served as President and CEO of AMD Global Telemedicine and as a public accountant with KPMG in Boston. Erics background contributed to the overall success and stability of these organizations.
Eric currently serves on the Board of Directors for the International Society for Telemedicine and EHealth (ISfTeH) and is a member of many industry and trade associations. Eric served as a Healthcare Ambassador for Fujitsu America and currently serves on a Healthcare  advisory Group for a publicly traded organization. Eric presents at numerous telemedicine and healthcare IT forums throughout the world. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Nichols College.

Meet Cheryl Kurywchak, the financial heart and seasoned leader with over 20 years of experience, currently serving as the CFO of  Telemedicine.com. Cheryl’s journey began in finance, mastering complex landscapes and evolving into a dynamic career marked by innovation and strategic leadership.

As Telemedicine.com’s CFO, Cheryl isn’t just a numbers whiz – she’s shaping the future of healthcare. Her financial expertise aligns seamlessly with the company’s mission to revolutionize healthcare through cutting-edge telemedicine solutions. Cheryl’s adaptability and strategic thinking have been instrumental in steering the company through rapid industry changes.

But Cheryl’s impact doesn’t stop at finance. With a diverse skill set, she’s played a pivotal role in web development, ensuring a seamless online presence. Her customer service finesse has elevated client satisfaction, while her marketing talents have breathed life into compelling promotional materials. Cheryl’s administrative and operational insight completes the picture, contributing to the smooth functioning of Telemedicine.com.

Cheryl’s informal and approachable style sets her apart, making her not just a CFO, but a driving force in the dynamic world of telemedicine, where finance, web development, customer service, marketing, administration, and operations converge seamlessly under her leadership.

Meet Our CFO

Cheryl Kurywchak, CFO

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