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See the conditions that we treat below that put us head and shoulders above other similar benefit offerings. is your gateway to accessible and convenient healthcare services. Our telemedicine platform, featuring teledoc capabilities, connects you with qualified primary doctors online. Experience the ease of “See a doctor now” or “See a doctor live over video” as our Internet doctors provide expert consultations for a myriad of general conditions.  From routine check-ups to addressing specific concerns, our physicians online are ready to provide personalized care, including the option to get a prescription now. Embrace the future of healthcare with, where quality primary care is just a click away.

Get instant access to doctors online 24 hours a day to treat the following conditions.

Primary Care Telemedicine

Mental & Behavioral Health

Licensed Therapists and Counselors available anytime, anywhere.

At, our comprehensive mental & behavioral health services encompass a wide range of conditions to support your well-being. Through our telehealth solutions, our online physicians are readily available for live video consultations. With a focus on accessible care, our Internet doctors provide timely assistance, offering counseling, guidance, and even the option to get a prescription now. Take proactive steps towards your mental well-being by talking to a doctor live over video through

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