Free Access to Doctors 24 hours a day!

Access to primary care physicians 24/7/365 for you and your immediate family. This service is FREE to you, courtesy of Delaware Nation for 36 months, ending December 5, 2025. This service allows you and your family to see a doctor via your smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc. in the privacy of your own home or anywhere you have cellular or internet access!

American Board Certified Physicians available 24/7/365.

Primary Care Doctors

American Board Certified Physicians available 24/7/365. Our virtual visits can take place either on the phone or through secured video chat.

Mental & Behavioral Health

Mental & Behavioral Health

American licensed mental and behavioral health counselors and therapists available by phone 24/7/365.

save up to 80% on prescriptions

Prescription Discount Card

Our members save up to 80% on prescriptions at most major retailers.

Completely Bilingual

Completely Bilingual

Services available 24/7/365 in both English and Spanish.

Head to toe coverage...literally! See the conditions that we treat below that put us head and shoulders above other similar benefit offerings.

Primary Care Telemedicine

Mental & Behavioral Health

Licensed Therapists and Counselors available anytime, anywhere. Talk to us for issues such as:

For Individuals

For Couples

For Families

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  1. Is there a minimum number of months I need to sign up for in order to start service? No, Delaware Nation has covered all costs associated for a 12-month period.  
  2. I signed up but I don’t have my confirmation email yet. Receiving a confirmation email can take up to 30-45 minutes. Please check your junk mail folder to ensure you received it. The confirmation email will say “New Benefit Announcement” in the subject line. If you still haven’t received an email confirmation, please call us at (888) 676-0332 or email us at
  3. Do I need to be a U.S. citizen to be a member? No, as long as you reside in the U.S., you will be able to consult a doctor, even if you are traveling abroad.
  4. What conditions can I get treatment for? We treat most non-emergency medical conditions, as well as mental health.  See the full list of conditions above.
  5. Is there a CoPay? No, the monthly subscription fee paid by Delaware Nation covers all costs to visit with a doctor online.
  6. Can I use my insurance? We do not take insurance, however, there are no hidden fees. Your monthly subscription paid by Delaware Nation allows you to see a doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
  7. I want to see a mental health therapist. Will I get a different therapist each time I request a mental health consultation? The way our program works is that we treat episodic issues. You would most likely not get the same therapist each time as we have a multitude of providers.
  8. Will my online doctor be able to order an x-ray? We are not able to order imaging. If you obtain imaging, our doctors may be able to review it.
  9. Are there any medications that my online doctor can’t prescribe? We are not able to prescribe any controlled substances. See the controlled substance list here:
  10. Can my online doctor treat my infant? The minimum age to use our service is two (2).
  11. Can my dependent child attending college in another state still be on my account? Yes. You can keep your dependent children on your family plan until they reach the age of 26. However, when your child turns 18, they must manage their own account and will be prompted to do so. Please note that if your account (the primary account) is canceled, theirs will terminate as well.
  12. How do I cancel my membership? Please send an email to Please include the email address you signed up with and your name along with your desire to cancel. Upon receiving the cancellation email, will cancel your membership.
  13. Still Need Help? Please call us at (888) 676-0332 for support 24/7 or email us at

About Us

Over the past two decades, has developed hundreds of Telemedicine programs worldwide including the Brazilian Amazon, China, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea, and the United States. Due to a near-death experience from COVID, our CEO Daniel Kurywchak wanted to change our main service model to helping patients get access to care as it was our service that was key in saving his life. Watch a video on Dan’s experience here:

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