CCI Tech Solutions Showcase: Remote Patient Monitoring, Connected

Friday, October 22, 2021
12:00 – 12:45 PM PT

Remote patient monitoring, or RPM, helps patients stay healthy by doing their routine tests and check-ups outside the four walls of traditional health care settings. Using devices that tap digital technology, patients can collect data about their health — heart rate, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, and more — through the day. Then that data is transmitted to health professionals. It’s become a hot ticket item in telemedicine for its potential to lower health care costs, improve chronic disease management, and reduce preventable repeat trips to the emergency room.

In this Technology Solutions Showcase, we’ll be focusing on RPM that’s “connected,” meaning the data can be automatically sent over Wi-Fi or cellular service. (On November 30, we’ll explore RPM that’s “unconnected,” meaning the data must be manually reported and documented.) You’ll hear stories from from frontline health workers and see demos from promising digital health vendors.


Do you want to monitor your patients’ chronic conditions in a more comprehensive way between visits? Curious about how to use device data to inform your clinical decision-making? All are welcome — especially folks who work in clinics or health centers who are interested in learning more about digital health solutions.


  • How you can fit RPM into your clinical decision model.

  • How you might design workflows around RPM.

  • How you can manage the health of your patients using RPM technology.

…Questions? Reach out to Weslei Gabrillo.

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Telemedicine Webinar Series with Dan Kurywchak

brought to you by the Center for Care Innovations

Daniel Kurywchak, CEO of Telemedicine.com, Inc.

Presented by Daniel Kurywchak, Founder & CEO of Telemedicine.com

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Daniel Kurywchak’s background includes 22 years of Telehealth / Telemedicine experience gathered from his previous roles at the University of California Davis Medical Center as Director of Telemedicine Technology and Director of the Telemedicine Learning Center; the Telemedicine Director and Senior Engineer at Intel Corporation; Chief Technology Officer for the CA Telehealth Network; and in his current role as the Chief Executive Officer for Telemedicine.com. Inc.  Mr. Kurywchak is the founder of Telemedicine.com, Inc. and currently holds two patents in the field of Telemedicine and technical certifications in networking. He is also a Certified Engineer for Tandberg (Cisco) and Polycom video conferencing systems.


As Director of Telemedicine Technology for UC Davis, Mr. Kurywchak oversaw new technology development and Telemedicine implementation projects for over 80 hospitals and clinics throughout California, which included but are not limited to projects within the PICU, NICU, OR, ER, as well as robotic surgery. These projects involved the implementation of over 35 medical specialties.  As Director of the Telemedicine Learning Center at UC Davis, Mr. Kurywchak played an active leadership role in developing the innovative classroom design and the three-day course curriculum, along with managing over 10 instructors.  While at the University, Dan had trained over 800 clinicians on how to successfully develop their own Telemedicine program and continues to do so in his new roles.  Mr. Kurywchak is also an internationally recognized speaker in the field of Telehealth and Telemedicine.


While working with the Intel Corporation Mr. Kurywchak held the positions of Director of Telemedicine and Senior Engineer.  He was responsible for Telemedicine operations worldwide.  He worked with engineering teams to develop new innovative Telemedicine devices within the Digital Health Program.  He also worked closely with Craig Barrett, the Chairman of the Board and former CEO of Intel Corporation on his World Ahead project where Dan consulted worldwide on Telemedicine program development and acted as a liaison between Intel Corporation and hospitals and clinics that wanted to participate in the development and testing of new commercial products in the Telemedicine field.


Throughout Daniel Kurywchak’s career in Telehealth, he has acquired an extensive technical and operational background in primary care, rural health, and the delivery of specialty care. In his current role as Telemedicine.com’s CEO, Mr. Kurywchak has successfully implemented more than 500 Telemedicine projects worldwide from Los Angeles to deep in the Amazon in Brazil.  Mr. Kurywchak's exposure to the diverse medical needs of hospitals and clinics provides him with a wealth of knowledge regarding the challenges and successes of Telemedicine.