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Light Source for Nasopharyngoscope (TM-NASO-LS)

Product Features:

  • LED illumination produces white light that delivers improved visibility of true tissue color, even with the smallest of fibers.

  • One-touch white balance ensures accurate colors are captured for quality medical images.

  • Unique edge enhancement for both flexible and rigid scopes ensures sharper definition across the entire image and well-defined pathologies.

  • Compatible with a nearly all optical instruments to broaden range of capabilities.

  • Integrated camera and light system work together in a single unit, to maximize performance.

  • Durable construction (solid camera housing, reinforced cable rugged system chassis, and LED light source) guarantees long life under continuous use.

  • Low cost of ownership with new LED technology that will last the life of the camera.

  • No bulbs to exchange – long lifetime (>10,000 h).