General Examination Camera

General Examination Camera (TM-GECAM)

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"Let the Doctor “See” the Patient Exactly as They Are."

The General Examination Camera enables healthcare professionals to assess a patient from an entirely remote location. This multi-purpose examination camera was developed specifically for telemedicine applications to capture and display high resolution video and images of a patient encounter. With only 4 buttons to keep things simple, this is the first camera to combine power zoom, auto or manual focus, frame capture and electronic image polarization into one small, single-hand operated camera.

Product Features:

  • Power zoom push-button (1-50x zoom) allows both close focus and wide angle video.

  • Auto Focus makes it quick and easy to get a clear picture.

  • Integrated freeze frame instantly captures an image without the use of a keyboard or mouse.

  • One-button white balance ensures accurate colors are captured during patient exam.

  • Polarization eliminates surface skin reflection and allows camera to see further into epidermal layers.

  • Manual or automatic iris control maximizes image brightness.

  • Light that surrounds the lens helps provide balanced lighting across the subject area.