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"To improve the access to quality healthcare and it's accessibility throughout the world by assisting hospitals and clinics of any scale in achieving excellent Telemedicine capabilities by providing all services from beginning to completion at one resource location"

At Telemedicine.com, we are worldwide experts in the field of Telemedicine and are available as your single resource for the entire process (grant writing through system installation) of creating a Telemedicine Clinic (from small rural clinics to major hospitals).

We are available to guide you through the complete process of creating your own Telemedicine Installation from the beginning conceptions to the final completion and provide ongoing support and/or training at any level during or after completion.


Grant Writing
Site Assessments
Usability Studies
Network Infrastructure Design
Specification and instruction on Real-Time, Store and Forward, Home Health, and Distance Education Systems
Specification and instruction on Medical Peripherals
Sales and Training of Telemedicine Systems, Medical Peripherals, and software
Training in Telemedicine Operations
Full Installation (remote and local sites)
Continued Support (telephone, email, or site visits)
We also provide Telemedicine consultations via telephone and/or video.

We are happy to schedule a brief introductory telephone meeting with you to discuss your project needs and how Telemedicine.com may be able to assist you. To schedule an introductory meeting or get more information, please contact us or call (530) 676-0421.


While working 17 years at the University of California, Mr. Kurywchak was fortunate enough to work directly under two of the nation's top pioneers of Telemedicine: Dr. Thomas Nesbitt and Jana Katz-Bell.

Over the years, Dan quickly escalated his career in Telemedicine into the positions of Director of Technology in Telemedicine and the Director of the Telemedicine Learning Center in which he played an instrumental role in developing the curriculum and the innovative classroom design.  

He has trained over 700 clinicians in the field of Telemedicine and taught courses for the Veterans Administration (VA), American Telemedicine Association (ATA), and is an internationally recognized speaker in Telemedicine.

During his tenure at UC Davis, the Telemedicine program saw over 11,000 patients in 35 specialties via Telemedicine and developed 50+ Telemedicine projects ranging from pediatric intensive care units, robotic surgery operating rooms, as well as jail, prison and parole board systems. The UC Davis Telemedicine program was voted in the top 10 Telemedicine programs for four consecutive years and also won the prestigious President's Award from the American Telemedicine Association.

Mr. Kurywchak holds two patents in the field of Telemedicine and technical certifications in networking. He is also a certified engineer for Tandberg and Polycom video conferencing systems.

In 2005, Dan joined the Intel Corporation to help expand the field of Telemedicine globally. In his new Senior Engineering & Management role, he was responsible for Telemedicine operations worldwide. He also implemented engineering projects to demonstrate how modern technologies can improve the advancement of healthcare using research and development in the lab.

Simultaneously, Mr. Kurywchak began working with the Intel Corporation's "World Ahead Program" created by the Chairman of the Board, Craig Barrett. The World Ahead Program has dedicated one billion dollars to the advancement of education and healthcare around the world. Mr. Kurywchak developed Telemedicine programs worldwide to include Brazil (Amazon), Nigeria, China and Lebanon. These deployments consisted of:

meeting with Government Dignitaries, Health Ministers, Hospital Directors, etc., to understand their countries' greatest healthcare deficiencies and develop a Telemedicine program to overcome their disparities;

performing a full site assessment which included assessing onsite medical systems, network infrastructure, staffing, patient load, etc.;

working with the local telecommunications companies to develop the network design and infrastructure between the hub and spoke clinics or hospitals;

determining and ordering the required Telemedicine systems and medical peripherals for the project while remaining conscious of the overall budget;

working with the clinic/hospitals administration to help develop a Telemedicine support team and instructing on the roles and responsibilities of each clinician chosen;

installing the Telemedicine systems and training technical staff, as well as physicians, on how to use the medical equipment and operation procedures; and

providing support and follow-up training as needed.


Dan has also taught Telemedicine courses via video conferencing to many countries including over 30 hospitals and clinics in Russia which was voted #1 by the physicians in Russia. He continues to teach courses for the University of CA,  ATA, USAID and many hospitals and clinics around the globe.

In December of 2007, Mr. Kurywchak decided to dedicate all his efforts fulltime to his founding project Telemedicine.com in order to pursue his passion of offering Telemedicine information, consulting and training to the world.  He currently holds the title of CEO and has since deployed numerous other Telemedicine projects in China, Lebanon and the United States.  Mr. Kurywchak continues to assist many hospitals and clinics around the world in the field of Telemedicine.

Dan Kurywchak
Daniel Kurywchak, CEO, Telemedicine.com, Inc.